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COVID Update and NEW Operation Plan for 2020-21

By Skijammers, 10/30/20, 7:00PM CDT


There are a number of changes that are being formalized for the upcoming season.

We developed the structure of our winter operations with feedback from the local ski areas and First Student Transportation as well as current information from the State of MN and the CDC. This communication describes the major changes and follow-up correspondence will provide detail and specificity. Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 environment, it is impossible to provide all of those details now.

One of the changes is that we are requiring all members to re-register in a NEW enrollment form. The NEW registration will only be open to currently registered members until November 10th before opening up to new members.  We want to give those who have already registered the opportunity first. 

Big Changes To Be Aware Of:

  • We will be requiring all members who wish to participate to re-register for the 2020-21 Season.
  • Our registration for the Saturday program will be capped. All existing members will have 10 days to register prior to opening the registration to new families.
  • Skijammers is only open for kids age 7 and older. We need to provide an environment that is safe for our members as well as our instructors. As a rule of thumb, the younger the kids, the more physical support they need. We will provide a refund in full for all 6-year-old members.
  • The Skijammers Saturday Program will operate 6 days this season vs. the previously scheduled 8 days.  
    • Saturday, January 9
    • Saturday, January 16
    • Saturday, January 30
    • Saturday, February 6
    • Saturday, February 20
    • Saturday, February 27
  • Bus transportation is optional this season and will be priced separately.
  • Skijammers Monday Night Teamjammers program is canceled for the 2020-21 season due to race course limitations. All currently enrolled Teamjammers members will be refunded in full.

Program Costs and Deposits:


Today’s virus pandemic has forced Skijammers to abandon original plans and fees for this 2020-2021 season, and to present a new structure with contingencies for ever-changing circumstances. Safety guidelines have significantly increased all operating costs. Restructuring is focused on maximum safety and financial feasibility.


  • Registration deposits already made for this season may be applied to register in the restructured plan for this season. Any registration for this restructured season may be cancelled up through December 15, 2020. 
  • If a participant’s registration for this season is cancelled any time up through December 15, 2020, that participant’s deposit may be applied to registration for the 2021-2022 season with Skijammers. 
  • After November 15, 2020, registration for this restructured season will be limited to participants already registered, with an advanced deposit. Thereafter registration will be reopened to the public.
  • To be completely within virus safety practices, total registration of all combined Skijammers divisions will be limited to 600 this season. When that number of fully registered participants occurs, registration for this season must be closed.
  • Registration for this restructured 2020-2021 season, not including transportation, is $460.
  • Bus transportation for this season is $180. If bus transportation options change, $30 for each affected Saturday will be refunded. 
  • If bus transportation is prohibited as of January 1, 2021, there must be parents for at least 300 participants who are willing and committed to drive their participants to each area. If that commitment does not exist, cancelled bus transportation by January 1, 2021 may force cancellation of this season.
  • Participant lift tickets must be purchased in advance online. Detailed procedures will be provided in the December parent communications.
  • Deposits for this season’s registration not cancelled by December 15, 2020 must be retained to pay for program cost obligations.

Safety Measures:


These are safety changes for this season, adopted by Skijammers to follow the very latest medical specialists’ recommendations. Detailed Operations Manuals for both Transportation and Ski Area Operations will be provided in a Parent Handbook for publication in mid-December.


  • The number of participants within all of Skijammers divisions this year will be limited to 600 enrollments. That is more than a 50% reduction from normal operating capacity.
  • Total passengers per Skijammers bus will be limited to 25, approximately half capacity.
  • Parents may elect to bring a participant to each area as an alternative to bus transportation. With this option, the cost for bus transportation is listed separately. Parents accompanying a participant should learn about and obtain advance lift tickets desired for their own use, available online. Ski areas may be limiting visitor numbers, and may require advance reservations.
  • Ski Areas are expected to prohibit indoor waiting. A transporting parent not wishing to ski or ride, may wish to plan other places and activities until Skijammers’ on hill day winds down.
  • Scheduled Saturdays will be phased to allow two 14 days breaks. Saturdays on snow will be two on, one off, two on, one off, and two on. This Skijammers season will have only six Saturdays on the snow. 
  • All participants and accompanying parents must properly wear an appropriate facemask when on a Skijammers bus, during any brief visit inside a ski area building, when riding a lift with others, or inside any warming facility.
  • Skijammers bus stops may be consolidated, or spread out with busses making more than one stop. 
  • In respect of care provided for the youngest participants, and indoor restrictions, participants this season must be age seven or older.
  • Cold weather cancellation will apply to less bitterly cold days this season, because of indoor warming limitations.
  • Each week parents will need to verify their child’s eligibility to participate through a Health and Exposure Screening. This screening will be a component of the weekly lift ticket fee payment portal.

Skijammers always will be following the latest virus safety requirements and guidelines issued by medical experts, government agencies, snow sports areas, First Student Transportation, and national snowsport instructors’ organization. Skijammers will continue to report any further changes, along with any more detailed information.


Snow forecasts for this season are great! Outside snowsports are wonderful for healthy, active folks of all ages, and are particularly outstanding benefits for a growing young person. Skijammers will be constantly monitoring, and adapt to every change in health safety guidelines . . . and will continue focusing on providing the best, safe snowsports season possible!


Thank You!


The Skijammers Team